Serialized ficition and short stories to provide a brief diversion from your day-to-day routine

   Mark's Bio

When Mark was seven, he won first place in a state-wide creative writing contest for all second graders. He won a ton of candy and was inspired to make writing his career.

Then, some years later, Mark went into advertising and won awards for the marketing promotions he created and the copy he wrote. He also wrote and was the on-camera host for a thirty-minute documentary featuring people over fifty achieving their dreams called, The Best is Yet to Come.

Mark was successful, but not fulfilled. His dream was to write more than advertising copy, his dream was to write novels.

Pushing the P-Word is Mark's first novel and based on his experiences as a Vice President of Marketing in the adult entertainment industry for one year.  Mark created several wild and crazy groundbreaking promotions and programs that broke sales records and were seen by millions of viewers. 

Currently, Mark is writing his next novel and consulting.  He lives in a rural community southeast of Denver with his wife, son, horses and dogs.

                                  You can contact Mark at:

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